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With safety, efficiency and integrity as our core values, we deliver flexible services to customers across North America.

In business for over 20 years, Windsor Transload Inc is a family owned and operated, privately held transloading and logistics company, headquartered in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on 30+ acers of land.

Windsor is a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada, on the south bank of the Detroit River directly across from Detroit, Michigan, United States. Located in Essex County, it is the southernmost city in Canada and marks the southwestern end of the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor.

This prime location, and our access to an extensive rail network allows our customers to ship more affordably and reach a vast number of markets throughout Canada and the United states.

Our North Yard contains 12 acres, 5 tracks and 50 car spots, and our South Yard contains 20 acres, 5 tracks and 200+ car spots. Both facilities are switched by CN daily, with reciprocal switching servicing CP and CSX with no costly shortline switching fees  charged by our competitors.

Did you know that we were recently designated a CN Top-Tier Transload Partner  in recognition of our outstanding track record and continued innovation. 

"Through CN’s Top-Tier Transload Partner Program,  we select established transloading and warehousing partners who meet CN’s stringent requirements, and whose location, on-site equipment, and handling expertise can best serve our customers’ needs and commodities." - CN

We operate and manage a fleet of transloading equipment perfectly suited for the job. As a fee-based service provider, we do not purchase or market the products we transport, so we do not compete with our clients.

A dedicated and passionate team of logistics experts

Our team is trained to maintain the highest standards of both environmental and operational safety, all the while, delivering efficient and flexible service. We provide exceptional client service and maintain safety, health and the environment as our highest priority.

Our core values

Our success is attributable to our core values of Integrity, Safety and Efficiency. We believe in honest hard work and take pride in our honest and transparent dealings with everyone we work with. We believe that time is money and we work hard to make sure we put money back in your pocket through our diligent efforts.

To see how Windsor Transload Inc can help your business, contact us today at  519.974.9993.